The Researches on Optimal Operation of Microgrid Based on Benders Decomposition

Pei Luo, Zhengtong Duan


One of the important parts of the research on micro-grid energy management is the study of economic operation. The purpose of the research is to meet the load demand and to realize the optimal cost and the maximum benefit. This paper purposes an economic scheduling strategy of microgrid based on the Benders Decomposition method, takes the operation constraints under two microgrid operation modes into consideration, decomposes the problem into the main problem with the minimum operation cost and the sub-problem with the minimum islanding unbalanced power, attaches the Benders cut resulting from the island's unbalanced power generation to the constraints of the main problem, minimizes the amount of unbalanced power in the island's microgrid by continuous iteration.


Microgrid, economic dispatch, Benders Decomposition, unbalanced power


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