A Novel Model Predictive Control of Cascade Multilevel Inverter for Solar PV System

Houda Zhu, Caixue Chen, Kai Liu, Kai Liao


In this paper, an improved finite control set model predictive control(FCS-MPC) applying to solar PV system is proposed. Calculation grows exponentially when voltage level increased in traditional FCS-MPC for multilevel cascaded inverters. With applications of current delay compensation, feedback compensation and reference current correction, tracking feature is improved and current harmonic distortion is reduced. Simplification of the voltage vector selection, by taking the calculations of complex partition voltage vector tracking to be done in a single partition, is also adopted, in which calculation has been drastically reduced. Proposed algorithm is validated with Simulation of comparison traditional FCS-MPC in MATLAB.


PV system, cascaded multilevel inverter, finite control set model predictive control (FCS-MPC),partition calculation simplification


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