A Novel Multiphase Pulse-Width-Amplitude Modulation for Quasi Z-source Three-to-Six- Phase Direct Matrix Converter

Yougui Guo, Zhen Wang, Qingzhong Gui, Lingzhi Yi, Wenlang Deng


In order to improve the performance of electric vehicle drive system, multiphase technology is applied. For this, a three-phase quasi Z-source QZS network is coupled to the three-to-six phase direct matrix converter (DMC) and a new multiphase pulse-width-amplitude modulation (MP-PWAM) method is proposed. Compared with the traditional PWM method, MP-PWAM can greatly reduce the switching actions of each power device of the converter. Also, it can largely decrease the complexity of control for three-to-six phase DMC. The proposed topology of quasi Z-source (three-t)o-six-phase direct matrix converter QZS-SP-DMC can effectively solve the defect of lower voltage transfer ratio of traditional matrix converter and allow the input voltage fluctuation within a certain range. Then, greatly improve the driving efficiency. The three-to-six DMC which introduced the QZS can allow the six-phase output side short circuit which defined shoot-through state. It can achieve the AC input voltage boost conversion by controlling the time of shoot-through state in on(e switch circle. )The operating principle of QZS-SP-DMC and the MP-PWAM technique are presented in detail. The simulation is conducted in detail to verify the effectiveness of the research.


MP-PWAM, QZS-SP-DMC, shoot-through, voltage transfer ratio, decrease, complexity of control


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