A Novel Meter Reading Solution Based on Power Line Carrier Dual Mode Heterogeneous Architecture

Xin-ping LI, Ye-shen HE, Kun LIANG


In the existing electric information collecting system, the concentrator remote channel uses optical private network, GPRS/CDMA/LTE and other wireless public networks to upload data to the main station. However, due to the installation location, not every terminal can achieve real-time remote signal coverage, seriously affecting the terminal's real-time online rate. At the same time, due to the limitations of various communication methods, resulting in incomplete communication network coverage. In this paper, we designed a novel meter reading solution based on power line carrier dual mode heterogeneous structure, which has management capabilities, high performance, and dedicated features for optimal performance for a wide range of applications such as metering infrastructure (AMI), broadband power line (BPL), power distribution automation, in-building networking, IPTV and coaxial Ethernet support.


Power Line Carrier, Dual Mode, Heterogeneous Architecture


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