Wearable Graphene-based Fiber Sensor for Motion Monitoring

Jin-nan ZHANG, Min QIAO, Yang-hua CAO, Ling-mei AI, Hao CHEN, Hui LIU, Yu TANG, Jing-han WANG, Hong-yu HAO, Qi WANG


We have fabricated a wearable graphene-coated fiber sensor and achieved the monitoring of the key motions of soccer. Most movements, even minor ones, could be identified by the sensor. The recorded data indicated ultrahigh sensitivity and a wide maximal sensing range on the part of the sensor. In addition, the data from sensors placed on various joints corresponded to the motions made. The high reproducibility and fast response of the sensor during the test showed that has potential applications in sports motion monitoring.


Graphene-coated fiber, Wearable sensor, Motion monitoring


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