The Research on the Polarization Characteristics of Ship Target and Sea Background

Jing-hua ZHANG, Yan ZHANG, Zhi-guang SHI


Firstly, the theory of polarization and Stokes vector are introduced. Secondly, according to Fresnel formula, energy conservation law and Kirchhoff’ s law, a new model combining infrared reflected effect and emitted effect is developed to calculate the degree of polarization. Some experiments were carried out to examine the polarization of metal steel plates in the outdoor areas, and the results indicated that experimental data is nicely agreement with calculated data by this model. With the use of polarization calculated model, the difference of degree of polarization between small targets and sea surface background can be simulated. Finally, to validate correctness of the simulation some experiments were carried out to measure the polarization degree of sea scenarios. The experimental date are consistent with the simulations. The research result can be used to enhance the detection of ship target in sea background.


Small target, Sea background, Infrared reflected and emitted radiation, Weak contrast


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