The Study of Charge Simulation Method Based on Overlapping Domain Decomposition Method

Yue ZHOU, Yong-ming LI, Lu-wen XU, An-xin ZOU


The electromagnetic environment problem caused by power transmission engineering has attracted attention. The calculation of the power frequency electric field under transmission lines in the real environment is limited by computing memory sometimes. Charge simulation method based on overlapping domain decomposition method is proposed to calculate the power frequency electric field of transmission lines under complex environment. Firstly, the calculation region is divided into several sub regions. Then the boundary problem of overlapping region is solved with iterative method and simulation charges can be obtained. Finally, the distribution of electric field in different regions can be calculated respectively. The effectiveness of the method was verified by an example. Calculation result of electric field of transmission lines with a building which was surrounded by trees under lines indicated that trees can effectively reduce the electric field and improve the electromagnetic environment. This method provides an effective way to analyze the electromagnetic environment around the power transmission engineering in complex scenes. It has a good prospect of application.


Overlapping domain decomposition method, Charge simulation method, Iterative method, Power frequency electric field, High voltage transmission lines


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