A Review of the Method of External Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hui ZHAO, Ming-san MIAO


The external method of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the treatment of disease rehabilitation by means of various external methods, which can promote the recovery of various functions. This type of treatment has the characteristics of rapid, gradual change, easy to learn, easy to promote, use of safety, and low toxicity. This paper, based on the different methods of external treatment, will present the commonly used methods of external treatment, and expound its effect, clinical application and characteristics. Research results show that combined with modern technology, optimize the traditional Chinese medicine external treatment methods, can improve the therapeutic effect of drugs and reduce the adverse reaction of drugs, to promote the research and development of Chinese medicine for external use method and the application scope, so that it is better to guide Chinese medicine clinical external use. External treatment this concept has a long history, as early as the theory of large q, to really want is in "within internal governance, the external governance", after that in a book also have involved, but for the outside governance concept and scope of the research has not been clear, to the middle period of Qing dynasty, the emergency wide raw set “First aid ”"Richard Yue prose"appeared one after another, in addition to governance theory gradually mature, theory of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is also gradually developed.


External treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, Effect, Clinical application, Treatment characteristics


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