A Triangular Fuzzy TOPSIS Based Approach for the Selection of the Optimal Emergency Water Technologies in Sudden Surface Water Chemical Pollutions

Hao GUO, Xian-lin MENG


Sudden surface water pollutions resulting from hazardous chemicals have gradually become a major threat to the safety of the urban water supply. Over the past years, various disposal techniques have been proposed for the removal of the pollutants to minimize the threat of such pollutions. Given the diversity of techniques available, the current challenge is how to scientifically determine the most desirable alternative. Therefore, a fuzzy triangular based multi-criteria, group decision making tool was developed for technique evaluation in this research. As an illustration, the model was applied to a practical aniline-contaminated accident that occurred in 2012. The result showed this tool capable of facilitating scientific analysis in the evaluation and selection of emergency water technologies for enduring security drinking water supply.


Technique assessment, Fuzzy mathematics, Decision-making


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