All-arranged Polygon Graphic Index Method-based Appraisal Model for Urban Smart Growth

Li Zhou, Tong Wang, Jiawei Hu


As cities develop in a fast pace, smart growth has become the goals for the city development of each country. In this paper, we take Atlanta as an example, then we build index assessment system of smart growth, which focus on economic prospection, social equity and environment sustainability (three of “E”). We choose ten typical indexes to measure three of “E” and use all-arranged polygon graphic index method to build smart growth mode. We build linear fitting functions for ten typical indexes respectively with the origin data in Atlanta from 2006 to 2014, then we get the predictable data in 2015 through the linear fitting functions. The next step is to bring this data to the mode and compute comprehensive scores with the year ranging from 2006 to 2015; besides, we compare the score in 2015 with that calculated by actual data. Then we do a significant test for them and the result indicates that the two scores are consistent. Smart growth mode we have built is effective, so we can use it to do prediction for the urban smart growth in the future.


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