The Spatio-temporal Evolution in Water Quality Monitoring and Typical Index Analysis of Sifeng Reservoir

Yuehua Zhang, Jingni Yu, Zhongqiang Ma, Chenchen Zhao


This study aimed to understand the water quality circumstance of Sifeng Reservoir thoroughly, according to the national environmental quality standard of surface water. Due to the comprehensive artificial lake scenic spot, combined with flood control, irrigation, tourism and was used in a variety of ways. Regularly measure the water temperature, pH and turbidity. BOD and COD, total phosphorus, potassium permanganate index and total number of E. coli were measured in different sections. All measurement data are based on time-space distribution compared with national standards. According to the corresponding standard conditions, time and activities of the reservoir water environment to detect, taking into account climate factors. Discussing the problem of the different time and space variation of the reservoir, and on the basis of combining with the testing data, the location in spatial and temporal change of water quality were analyzed. It is concluded that the present excessive pollution factor and more than Ⅴ class standard was COD, other indicators satisfied the Ⅲ
according to the Chinese standard for surface water.


Reservoir; Water quality monitoring; Analysis; Evaluation.


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