Analysis of Inbound Tourism Market Structure of Zhejiang Province

Tong YU


Based on the data related to the inbound tourism in Zhejiang Province from 2006 to 2015, the structure of inbound tourist market is anatomized through adopting the Excel software. As the result indicates, the inbound tourist market of Zhejiang is declined in concentration index, bespeaking that the origin region of tourist is scattered in spatial distribution and high in anti-risk capacity, conducing to the stable development of the inbound tourism market. Foreigners take up the major place in the inbound tourism market of Zhejiang province, and tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and America take up the most important place in the inbound tourism market in Zhejiang. For this reason, the measures shall be adopted to boost the stable development of these markets.


Zhejiang Province, inbound tourism, tourist market, structure


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