Analytical Fast Pyrolysis of Lignin Isolated from Bamboo

Chong ZHANG, Min-shu CUI, Zhi-bo ZHANG, Qiang LU


Fast pyrolysis is a promising way to utilize renewable biomass resources for bio-oil and chemicals production. Commercial biomass model compounds were typically used for investigation of pyrolysis characters in most researches with ignorance of their structural difference with natural biomass. In this study, natural lignin was isolated from bamboo for fast pyrolysis study using Py/GC-MS. Product distribution and peak area% for each product from natural lignin differed greatly from those of commercial alkali lignin. 4-Vinyl-phenol was the major product at low pyrolysis temperatures. Along with the rise of temperature, generation of phenol-type, catechol-type and cresol-type fragments as well as linear compounds was accelerated. In addition, formation of acetic acid was favorable at around 600°C.


Fast pyrolysis, Py/GC-MS, Biomass, Natural lignin


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