A Multi-electrode Resistivity Logging Design to Monitoring Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoir Decomposition

Jing-xin WU, Xiu-jun GUO


Real-time monitoring of reservoir decomposition is the main monitoring target on gas production. In order to detect the reservoir decomposition area effectively, the multi-electrode resistivity logging is designed. The monitoring system, mainly comprised of four parts as collection station, electrode array of wellbore, power module and master console, regionally monitors the decomposition of hydrate according to the electrical theory and achieves the imaging measurement of electrical resistivity for hydrate reservoir in the side of the monitoring well in the horizontal range to form the mapped graphics of electrical resistivity and analyze the physical property state of hydrate reservoir. The monitoring system is low-cost and able to take remote control or automatically collect data based on the preset program. Multi-electrode resistivity logging could monitor the reservoir decomposition effectively. Its promising application and research value can be guaranteed.


Gas hydrate, Reservoir monitoring, Resistivity logging method


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