Analysis of Nutrient Composition, Amino Acid and Fatty Acid Profile in the Muscle of a Farmed Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss)

Ya WEI, Shao-Ping XIN, Yong-Qiang ZHAO, Jian-Wei CEN, Shu-Xian HAO, Hui HUANG


Nutritional composition in muscle of a farmed Rainbow Trout cultivated in southern China was analyzed. Proximate composition, amino acids and fatty acids were determined by AOAC method and the contents of moisture, crude protein, lipid, ash, and total carbohydrates were 70.02±0.05%, 21.69±0.32%, 6.41±0.34%, 0.78±0.12% and 1.10±0.03%, respectively. The total content of amino acids was 71.53±4.44%, eight essentia1 amino acids 33.33±2.07%, four delicious amino acids 18.28±0.68% of dry weight. There were mainly 11 kinds of fatty acids detected in the muscle and the content of unsaturated fatty acids was over 87%. The result revealed that rainbow trout farmed in the southern contain essential nutrients for human good health with high content in protein, fat and mineral content. The carcass of the farmed fish contained various kinds of amino acids and high level of PUFAs.


Muscle, Nutrient Components, Amino Acid, Fatty Acid


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