A New Method for Extracting Chenopodium Quinoa Starch

Zhi-Wei WANG, Xiao-Li YUAN, Zhong-Kai ZHOU


Starch was isolated from Chenopodium quinoa using the modified alkaline method. In the present paper, we have investigated that the new method increased starch yield (46g/100g) as well as the protein content (0.52g/100g), lipid content (0.05g/100g), fiber content (0.04g/100g) and the ash content (0.65g/100g) of the starch extracted lower than those method by other reporters. Quinoa starch was very small in granule size and the morphology of the starch granules also showed no protein bodies on the surface. The results may shed light on the depth study of the physicochemical properties of the quinoa starch.


Quinoa Starch, Extraction, Purity


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