The Impact Analysis of Highway on Henan Economic Development

Kai-guang ZHANG, Ming-ting BA, Yan-min SUN, Hong-ling MENG


City economic growth is not only affected by economic development policy environment and its own economic condition, but its geographical location and the economic development of adjacent cities also play an important role, the developed regions play a certain leading role in the economic development of neighboring regions through effective traffic. This paper designs an intercity economic impact index by using the intercity accessibility coming from the highway network as the weight, to study the impact of highway on city economic development. The results show that the response sensitivity of city economy is proportional to the highway mileage increase, the responsiveness has significant difference among cities, and the influences are tending to be stable. The radiant ability of the capital city Zhengzhou in the regional economic development is gradually increasing, but the radiation effects on the adjacent cities, as Kaifeng and Xuchang are not fully exerted. Zhengzhou economic agglomeration characteristics is gradually obvious, the tendencies of the intercity economic impact index and the economic development are obviously different. The aggregation characteristics of the economic impact index of Zhengzhou is gradually decreasing, but aggregation speed is gradually increasing. The distributions of highway influences are tending to be balanced.


Highway, Intercity accessibility, Intercity economic impact index, Response sensitivity, Radiant ability, Spatial distribution, Difference analysis.


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