A Lightweight OS-Level Virtualization Architecture Based on Android

Bo-wen LIU, Nai-jie GU, De-he GU


All kinds of intelligent terminal equipment emerge in endlessly and grow explosively. Typical devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are becoming more and more popular, furthermore, intelligent equipment market share has more than that on PCs. And on mobile devices area, the demand for virtualization technology is gradually increasing. As an important branch of computer technology development, operating system level virtualization is becoming a hot spot of current research due to its low overhead and the advantages of lightweight. In this paper, based on the Android system on mobile devices, implement a prototype which can run multiple virtual system instances on only an Android OS by modifying the namespace mechanism in the Linux kernel to and expand into driver namespace mechanism. In addition, put forward a model called the active- inactive model guaranteeing the process if and only if in the active namespace to operate the device drivers, which was designed and implemented a new scheme of operating system level virtualization.


Virtualization, Android, Namespace


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