2D-3D Consistent Virtual Environment

Shuang-shuang ZHOU, Hong-yan QUAN, Rui-ying PU


How to build a virtual terrain scene with high reality is always a hot topic in virtual reality. People have developed all kinds of techniques to enhance realism. To achieve this goal, we present an improved solution based on appearance consistency. We first use GDAL and VPB to acquire a large terrain and then smooth the normal of local particle in every tile’s boundary region with its neighboring particles. Then we recalculate illumination parameters and use it to modify the height of the particle. Thirdly, we remap the height of the particle in the boundary region of adjacent tiles to realize 2D-3D appearance consistency in large terrain scene construction. We demonstrate our results with several challenging terrains and present qualitative evaluation to our method.


Virtual Environment, 2D-3D Consistent simulation, Illumination parameters, Remapping


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