Submersible Pump Control Modeling and Simulation

Shan Bai, Lianqiang Wang


With the research object of the submersible pump and the production environment of the steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology, this paper based on the nonlinear mathematical model of the oil production system of the submersible pump starts from the frequency converting control of the rotating speed of the submersible pump and designs a PI controller of the submersible pump in order to achieve efficient, stable, energy-saving and faultless operation of the submersible pump system in the process of the actual oil production and in view of the flash steam problems in the process of oil production. The result shows that, the design of the controller meets the design standard, and the system effectively avoids the flash steam phenomenon in the process of oil production, and efficiently and stably carries out oil production.


submersible pump; SAGD; frequency control; nonlinear optimization; PI control; MATLAB


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