A Characteristic Statistic Based Femoral Contour Point-set Registration Algorithm

Shu-Lei ZHU, Bin ZHANG


The point-set registration technology has been widely applied in the field of medical image registration. This paper proposed a characteristic statistic based femoral contour point-set registration algorithm, in order to overcome the flaw of getting into local extrema and of poor global performance in the iterative optimization process in existing registration algorithms. First, it uses the Gaussian mixture model to represent the correspondence of points between two point-sets, and selects the global parameter associated with the objective function as the characteristic statistical items. Then, it leverages the statistical variation in the optimization process to guide the optimal search, yielding the global optimal solution of statistical items, and realizing the registration of two point-sets. In the end, this algorithm is applied to solve the registration problem of femoral contour characteristic point-set. The experimental results reveal that the proposed registration method performs more effective, faster, and more accurate compared with Coherent Point Drift (CPD) algorithm.


Femoral Contour, Characteristic Statistic Algorithm, Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), Point-set Registration


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