The Improvement of Production Bottleneck Process in J Company Automobile Assembly Line

Yan-Hua MA, Tian-Rong BAI, Ling-Yu LI, Zhen LI


The 21st century is an era of rapid scientific and technological development, the manufacturing sector, the production methods are constantly undergoing change. Due to the rapid changes in market demand, how to further improve the efficiency of production lines to meet market demand, more and more importance in enterprises. This requires at existing production facilities remain unchanged, continue to solve the production line in the “bottleneck” problem, to achieve the purpose of optimizing the production line.

Based on the J company car assembly line research, industrial engineering according to the method identified limit their productivity bottleneck process and propose ways to improve the process simplified from three aspects, MTM method and the learning curve theory, we have made reduce operating time bottleneck process to take time below the lifting of restrictions on the assembly line productivity. Finally, through analytic hierarchy process evaluation above methods to obtain the most suitable method for improving further propose the optimal solution.


Automobile Assembly Line, The Bottleneck Process, MTM Method, The Learning Curve Theory, AHP


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