The Research of Dynamic and Environmental Monitoring in Power Grid Communication System

Zhi-bao PENG, Yi LUO, Yi MA


Power environment monitoring system, as an auxiliary system of power grid communication systems, secure, stable and reliable operations of power grid communication systems. It makes real-time monitoring on the power and environmental conditions and sends monitoring data back to the administrator. When breakdown the occurrence, it will warn the operators on duty through the means of sound/light alarms, SMS, telephones. In addition, the operators on duty could make remote manipulations and routing inspections through monitoring systems, finding potential dangers by analyzing monitoring data and eliminating these dangers in time. At the same time, according to the speculations in the management methods and management regulations of electric network and the technical specifications of south power network communication power supply, the unattended stations should make remote monitoring managements on the equipment and environments, executing regular visits and inspections. This thesis states a construction planning of the dynamic and environment monitoring for power grid communication system in the power station.


Dynamic environment monitoring system, Planning, Functions


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