A Compact Four Concentric Rectangular Rings Slot Antenna for Mobile Handset Applications

Zhen YU, Jian-guo YU, Xiao-ying RAN


A novel compact four concentric rectangular rings slot broadband microstrip antenna is proposed for mobile handsets in the paper. The antenna has a circular radiator with four concentric rectangular rings slot structure. The antenna can cover more than ten mobile applications with -10dB bandwidth of 88.7% (1.6-4.15GH) for DCS1800(1710-1880MHz), TD-SCDMA(1880-2025MHz, 2300-2400MHz), WCDMA(1920-2170MHz, 1755-1880MHz), LTE33-41/42/43 (1900-2690MHz, 3400-3800MHz), Bluetooth, GPS, COMPASS, GLONSS, GALILEO, WLAN (802.11b/g/n:2.4-2.48GHz), and WiMAX(3.3-3.8GHz) wireless applications. The proposed antenna is fabricated on a 1.6 mm-thick FR4 substrate with dielectric constant of 4.4, and the size is 50*40mm2. The good agreement between the measurement results and the simulation validates the proposed design approach and meets the requirements for mobile handset applications.


Four concentric rectangular rings, Slot antenna, Dual-band, Compact microstrip antenna


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