A Grid-based Scheduling Method of Manufacturing Resources for Networked Manufacturing

Juan LI, Jing ZHANG, Xin ZHOU, Xiao-yan DENG


To optimize allocation of the networked manufacturing resources and improve the networked manufacturing system’s productivity, one method of manufacturing resources scheduling was proposed based on routing and forwarding algorithm grid-based. At the same time, networked manufacturing mode manufacturing resources optimizing framework grid-based and scheduling architecture grid-based were established to analyze the mechanism of manufacturing resources scheduling. Then, a grid-based scheduling model of manufacturing resources for networked manufacturing was constructed by means of open loop and closed loop queuing network methods. Finally, the least task priority and the minimum expected waiting time optimizing strategies were proposed to realize manufacturing resources scheduling. The method can provide a new approach to enhance the efficiency of networked manufacturing process, and extend the knowledge of manufacturing resources optimizing and heighten the automation level of networked manufacturing process.


Networked manufacturing, Resources scheduling, Grid-based


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