A Comprehensive Evaluation Approach Based on AHP-BP Neural Network for Resource Allocation in Distributed Satellite Cluster Network

Xu-dong ZHONG, Yuan-zhi HE


The distributed satellite cluster network (DSCN) is a novel concept in satellite communication field. Considering the dynamism and heterogeneity of the DSCN, the resource allocation algorithm must make adjustments dynamically according to the requirements of users as well as the utility and availability of the resource. This paper investigates the evaluation problem of the resource allocation utility in DSCN. Considering the heterogeneity of DSCN and the multi-dimensional of the resource, a distributed evaluation architecture and a multi-index evaluation system are constructed. To solve the multi-index evaluation problem, a comprehensive evaluation approach based on analytic hierarchy process and back-propagation (AHP-BP) neural network is proposed. Via several simulation results, we verify the effectiveness of the proposed approach.


Evaluation, Resource allocation, AHP-BP neural network, DSCN


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