A Methodology Model for Civil Airplane Flight Crew Operating Procedure Development

Yuan YAO


The development and evaluation of operating procedures is a complex and long-term task, which may involve various factors and considerations. To make it more effective and productive, the paper aims to establish a systematical methodology for the work. Based on the practice of procedure development and the research on regulations, references and all available materials, a basic model is induced and proposed. All possible considerations on top level policy, design and development method, evaluation and evaluation are then discussed in detail. The model, which was not seen in similar research, is a high-level integration of corresponding knowledge and experience. The effort gives a significant and effective guide for airplane manufactures and airlines in their procedure development, as well as the instructions listed in each section of the discussion.


Civil aviation, Flight crew, Operating procedure, Cockpit design, Crew resource management, Human factors

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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