Study on Inflatable Deployment Characteristics of Flexible Film Wing

Long-bin LIU, Yi-fan ZHENG, Song-yuan YANG


The inflation deployment process directly affects the forming and bearing deformation characteristics of the flexible wing. In order to optimize the structural design of the flexible inflatable wing, the inflation deployment process was studied with the finite element simulation calculation for the distribution characteristics of pressure and displacement when the wing is not inflated and after inflation molding. The results show that the inflation process is: for the first stage, when the inflation pressure is lower than the critical forming pressure, due to the effect of gravity, the flexible film wing downward bending, and the skin surface pressure is quite small, while the wing is inflated, the overall deformation and displacement is quite large. for the second stage of inflation molding, the flexible wing has a bearing stiffness, but due to aerodynamic loading upward warping occurred, the pressure of the wing root is large, but the displacement of the wing tip is large, which could provide a valid reference method to study the precision and stability of the flexible wing inflation process.


Flexible film, Inflatable wing, Deployment characteristics


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