A New Method of Translating Covering Rough Set into Classical Rough Set

Ying-ying HE, Lin-hai CHENG, Yu ZHANG, Yue-jin LV


Binary relational rough sets enrich the applicable scope of classic rough set, but they lose some excellent properties. Therefore, covering translates to partition has become one of the key points in the study of covering approximate spaces. However, the existing translation methods have some shortcomings, such as the inconsistency between the partitions translated by covering and covering reduction, the inconsistency between the monotonicity of the covering and the translated partition, and the limited application of the translation method, and so on. In view of this situation, the basic requirements for covering translate partition are put forward, and then the concepts of transposed and symmetric classes are defined. On this basis, the translation method is proposed which gets over the shortcomings of the existing methods, and the effectiveness of the way is proved theoretically. At the same time, in consideration of the situation that practical data cannot form a single coverage, the new method is extended to the multi-covering approximate space by the minimum description of multi-covering elements.


Rough sets, Covering approximate spaces, Partition approximate spaces, Transposed class, Symmetric class


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