Practice and Exploration of "Cultivation Education" for College Students Under the Gestation of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture



Culture refers to the sum total of material civilization and spiritual civilization of human creation. Chinese excellent traditional culture is the people of all ethnic groups in China in five thousands, a perennial struggle to create brilliant achievements. Confucianism, Taoism, legalism and Mohism and other schools of thought and their exponents, but also had a profound influence on Chinese society. Including the influence of Confucianism on the Chinese society is the largest, their minds fully involved in the traditional ethics, is the core of Chinese traditional culture. Confucius advocated "opened up", is the hope that everyone in society has a heart of love, know how to love others, how to understand others. To improve the contemporary Chinese excellent traditional culture, the comprehensive quality of students plays a very important role. They are also a special educational resource. If it can be put into practice in a gradual and subtle way, it can not only improve the humanistic quality of college students, but also enrich their spiritual connotation.


Excellent traditional Chinese culture, Care, Cultivation education, Practice


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