A Novel DOA Estimation Method under the Impulsive Noise Environments

Rui-yan CAI, Wei DING, Ming-yang JU


A key task in radio monitoring is direction of arrival (DOA) estimation, and lots of algorithms were proposed in recent years. These algorithms have been designed in the assumption of Gaussian model and usually break down in the impulsive noise. Therefore, the DOA estimation of cyclostationary signal is necessary. Since the performance of the second-order cyclic statistics degenerates severely under the impulsive noise conditions, the generalized cyclic cross correntropy is defined, and a novel method is proposed to obtain the DOA estimation based on the cyclic correntropy. Simulation results illustrate that the proposed method outperforms the existing algorithms in terms of effectiveness and robustness.


Cyclostationary, Alpha-stable distribution, DOA estimation, Cyclic correntropy, ESPRIT


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