Critical Evaluation and Optimal Allocation Model of Ship Spare Parts

Zheng TANG, Ming-chi LIN, Cheng-yu WANG


In the case of limited funding, in order to avoid the serious consequences of the shortage of critical spare parts on equipment, priority must be given to ensuring that critical spare parts are not in shortage. The assumption of the traditional equipment support model is that the criticality of spare parts is the same, which will lead to the priority of lower-priced spare parts rather than the critical ones under the constraints of limited funds. In order to overcome this shortcoming, an optimal allocation model based on the criticality of spare parts is established in this paper. The genetic algorithm software were used to solve the model. The practical case shows that under the circumstance of limited guarantee funds, the key-based spare parts allocation model can be adjusted according to the criticality of the spare parts, the priority is given to the highly critical spare parts, and the critical general spare parts are also considered.


Spare parts allocation, Spare parts criticality, Genetic algorithm


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