Establishment and Application of Overbooking Model of Single Flight Departure Time Distribution

Wen-hui XIA, Qian-yin XIA, Wei-ming LIU


In order to put forward theoretical foundation for the airlines to strengthen the airline overbooking decision-making systems and do the best to protect the interests of both airlines and passengers. Apply mathematical statistics and probability theory. Analyzed the methods in accordance with the time line, and explains the problems of overbooking, and takes Nanjing Lukou International Airport as an example to carry out the collection and collation of single flight basic data. Based on the model hypothesis is defined. Through the MATLAB software, which verifies the correctness and effectiveness of the model. Research conclusions, according to laws operational and risk aversion mechanism, the making decision of operation method of airline passenger overbooking behavior is scientificity and feasibility.


Revenue management, Overbooking, Single flight, Flight takeoff time distribution


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