Optimization on the Quantity of Vehicles in Car Interior Trim Assembly Line

Chang-shui GAO, Cheng-qing MA, Dan HU, Zhuang LIU, Jian-chuan TIAN, Guang-hua MAO


Determining quantity of vehicles in an interior trim assembly line is a key problem for a car manufacturing workshop. This paper presents a work to optimize quantity of vehicles for designing car assembly lines. A simulation model of the car interior trim assembly workshop was established using Siemens Plant Simulation system. Based on the entropy weight method and the TOPSIS method, the effect of various quantity vehicles was evaluated. An optimized solution for the number of vehicles was obtained accordingly. Compared to original design, the optimal solution can reduce the total cost of vehicles up to 6.96%. The calculation of variance for utilization rate of equipment has been reduced approximate 30%, which means the equipment utilization is more balanced than original design.


Plant Simulation, Optimization, Entropy weight method, TOPSIS


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