Voltage and Loss Control for Long Range 10kV Power Transmission Based on Virtual-gap Controlled Reactor

Wu-bin LIN, Yuan-huan LIAO, Xiao-hua LIAO, Xu-xuan CHEN


The reactive power compensation problem prevalent in modern power systems makes the power distribution performance not fully utilized and the load power consumption of the equipment increases. According to the operation of the Yulin substation line and the load, the theoretical calculation of the reactive power compensation scheme is developed. The installation capacity, installation position, control scheme of the intelligent magnetic control reactive power compensation system are researched. Through the coordinated control at the beginning and the end of the line, the real-time regulation of the reactive power in the substation and the transmission line can achieve the effect of stabilizing the whole area voltage, improving the power supply radius and power quality. The system finally implemented the stability of the substation voltage and reduced the line loss, made the voltage of the power system stable within the utility required range.


Controlled reactor, Reactive power control, Saturation, Simulation


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