Simulation and Risk Assessment of Sand Mixing Equipment Based on Function Failure Propagation

Shu-jie Simulation and Risk Assessment o PANG, Jian JIAO


Sand mixing equipment is one of the key equipment in the process of shale gas exploitation. There is a complex interaction between various components of the sand mixing equipment. The failure of a single component could trigger a cascade of system failures. In view of this problem, we proposed a function failure identification and propagation model based on fuzzy theory. Matlab Simulink software was used for modeling and simulation. The as low as reasonably practicable principle is used to evaluate the risk levels of different failure conditions. By comparing the analysis results of traditional FFIP method and fuzzy FFIP method, the practicability and effectiveness of fuzzy FFIP method were proved.


Sand mixing equipment, Function failure identification, Fuzzy theory, Matlab Simulink


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