CFD and VLM Simulation of the Novel Twin-body Asymmetric Flying-wing Aircraft

Xin-ze GUO, Bo-zhao FAN, Jun HUANG, Jing-feng XIE


Twin-body aircraft has the advantages of heavy load and long voyage, which make it suitable to execute the task. However, it also has some problems such as high-strength mid-wing requirement and no usable airport in the practical application. In order to solve these problems and promote twin-body aircraft’s adaptability, this paper conducts a research of a new type of twin-body asymmetric flying-wing aircraft (TAFA). Two kinds of simulations (CFD and VLM) are conducted to prove the effectiveness of its flight performance. The results show that the flight performance of TAFA is the best among the four different kinds of plane that can perform the same tasks.


Asymmetric twin-body aircraft, Flying wing, Vortex lattice method, Computational fluid dynamics, Flight test


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