Modeling Method and Application of Warship Equipment Management Evaluation Under Dynamic Management Mode

Ding-liang FU, Bo YANG, Chun-hui YANG


The dynamic management mode of warship equipment is a management mode based on the state of warship to adjust or strengthen the elements of equipment management. For different states of dynamic management mode, the emphasis of the equipment management activities will also be different. According to the characteristics of the dynamic management mode, this paper starts from the evaluation of equipment management activities under the dynamic management mode, on the basis of the dynamic comprehensive evaluation method based on TOWA operator[1],put forward a new rally operator (CTOWA). By using the new operators to gather the evaluation information of the warship, make the warship equipment management in different states under the dynamic management mode can be compared, which provides a new idea for the warship equipment management evaluation under the dynamic management mode.


Dynamic management model, Equipment management evaluation, Dynamic comprehensive evaluation, CTOWA operator


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