Modelling and Turning Characteristics Analysis of Dual-Steering Multi-Axle Vehicles

Yun-chao WANG, Zhi-chao HU, Heng DU


Multi-axle vehicles with dual steering systems (DSS), which include a hydraulicassisting steering link mechanism system for front axles and an electrohydraulic active-steering system (EHASS) for rear axles, become the development trendency of multi-axle vehicles. However, until now, no attempt has been made with regard to the mathematical model for multiaxle vehicles with DSS. By introducing two ratios of wheel steering angle to first wheel angle for the two steering systems, the model of multi-axle vehicles with DSS was deduced based on the Newton’s second law. The relevant experiment was carried and validate the model correction. The comparison between the vehicles with DSS and those with EHASS show that vehicles with DSS have an approximate mobility and stronger cornering stability.


Multi-axle steering vehicle, Dual steering systems, Steady-state cornering, Turning characteristics


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