Research on DSM-based Product Development Coupling Activity Overlapped Execution Model

Qi-hua TIAN, Yu-rong ZHANG, Ze-long LIU, Jun-zhe YAN, Xiang-man ZHOU


Aiming at the problem of overlapping execution of coupling activities in the product development process, using Markov Chain method to describe the iterative process of coupling activities based on the design structure matrix (DSM). Then introduced the information output, input time factor matrix and rework risk matrix to describe the complex information interaction between design activities, constructed a model of rework time caused by design activity coupling and iteration by quantifying the overlap of design activities, and then established the entire project time cost model for coupled activity sets. Finally, an application analysis was performed with examples. The research shows that this method can effectively reduce product development time and provide a certain theoretical basis for the rational planning and scientific guidance of the overlapping execution mode of coupled activities in the product development process.


Product development, Coupling design, Overlapping activities, Designing structural matrix, Time cost


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