The Innovation and Practice of the Training Mode of Computer Network Technology Professionals in Connecting Middle and Higher Vocational Education Based on “Three Emphases and One High Requirement”



The rapid development of information technology has made the five-year continuous training mode of secondary and higher vocational schools more and more prominent. This paper takes the computer training of Shanghai Xingjian Vocational College and Shanghai North Vocational High School as the basis of practice. Students study for a total of five years, including the first three years in secondary vocational schools, the next two years in higher vocational colleges, and graduated from higher vocational colleges. In order to explore new measures to penetrate the talent training model, the professional construction was implemented through the integration of talent training programs, curriculum, teaching resources and quality evaluation. At the same time, it also made a useful attempt for the reform of this training model.


Connecting middle and higher vocational education, Five-year consistent system, Computer network technology, “Three emphases and one high requirement”.Text


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