The Development and Application of a New Water Control Technology with Fine Segmentation Features

LiZhi SONG, Shaowei WU, Hui YUAN, Xiaojin WAN, Hongyu ZHOU


To counter the high water-cut issues in the later production stage of horizontal wells in the western South China Sea, a water control technology that combines inflow control devices and light proppant has been developed. The development of the new technology combined both flow theory analysis and physical modeling methods, to reach a conclusion that the axial flow resistance of a gravel packed screen annulus is much higher than its radial flow resistance, utilizing this conclusion, the inflow control screens can be gravel-packed to balance the production profile along the horizontal wellbore, with a better sand control effect. Comparing to the conventional water control methods, the new technology’s advantages include: no need to pin-point the water production location before water control jobs, little risk of damaging the reservoir during operations. The new technology has been applied in oilfields in western South China Sea, after implementation, the experimental well produced 30m3/D more oil at 20% less water cut, which provides a new option of water conformance technologies in offshore horizontal wells.


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