A Feasible Approach to the Shortest Route for Gate Entering of Automated Guided Vehicles with Laser Range Finder

Jieh-Shian YOUNG


This paper studies the autonomous entering gate capability for the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) mounted with the laser ranger finder (LRF). The AGV is a 4-wheel drive vehicle which can turn in any speed, while the equipped LRF can detect all the closer objects, such as the gateposts of gates, within the scanning span angle more than  90 . The shortest route for an AGV entering the gate is the main performance index while the gateposts of the gate within the LRF scanning span angle is necessary. This paper proposes a feasible geometry approach to satify the optimal performance index under the constrants of the scanning span angle for the gateposts. Besides, this paper also formulates the performance index and the constrants in mathematics. The results show that this proposed approach is feasible and realizable for the gate entering tasks of AGVs with LRF.


Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Gate Entering, Geometry Approach, Laser Range Finder (LRF)


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