Design of Mutation Multi-target Detection and Tracking System

Wei-qiang WANG, Zeng-xue YANG, Hao LEI, Zhi-zheng ZHANG


In order to realize the effective detection and tracking of mutation multi-target in the new optical test tasks, a multi-target detection and tracking system was designed and established. The modular integration of various functions is applied to the system in the programming environment of VS2008 and OpenCV. Through image background suppression, target fast detection based on visual attention mechanism and cluster tracking based on star topology, the effective detection and tracking of mutation multi-target is realized. It has been proved by tests that the system effectively solves the problems of limited detection capability, unstable tracking and poor robustness of the traditional multi-target detection and tracking algorithm and provides reliable technical support for new multi-objective test tasks such as submunition separation, cluster bomb detonation, and interference bombing.


Mutation multi-target, Detection and tracking system, Visual attention mechanism, Star topology.


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