Grey Correlation Analysis of Factors Affecting Nitrogen Oxide Concentration in Cement Production Process

Yi-chao LI, Shi-zeng LU, Hong-liang YU


Nitrogen oxides (hereinafter referred to as NOx) is one of the main pollutants produced in cement production. There have been many studies on the mechanism of NOx formation, but there is little research on the relationship between production control factors and NOx concentration. In this paper, several parameters of the formation of nitrogen oxides (decomposition furnace link and rotary kiln link) were selected by the gray correlation analysis method as the comparison sequence, and the NOx concentration was selected as the reference sequence for correlation analysis. The final results show that the parameters of the kiln tail chamber, the temperature of the decomposition furnace, and the amount of raw material discharged have the most significant effect on the NOx concentration. The research results can provide theoretical guidance for the coordinated control of cement production in the later stage, and reduce the NOx concentration under the premise of ensuring the quality of cement clinker, so as to reduce the denitration cost of enterprises by reducing the amount of ammonia water used, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of energy saving.


Grey correlation, NOx, Decomposition furnace, Rotary kiln.


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