Analysis of Insulator Leakage Current under Fog and Haze Conditions Based on K-means Algorithm

Yu-hang GUO, Ruo-bing HAN, Yun-zhi XU


When fog and haze weather occurs, insulator flash over accident is easy to happen, which have adverse effects on the safe and stable operation of the power system. The insulators leakage current under different haze components was measured by simulating the haze environment in the laboratory. The K-means algorithm is used to analyze the leakage current of insulators. By comparing the silhouette coefficient of the insulator leakage current under different fog and haze environment, it is found that the silhouette coefficient can be taken as the characteristic value of fog and haze environment. The relationship between the silhouette coefficient of leakage current and the fog and haze environment is summarized.


Leakage current, K-means algorithm, Silhouette coefficient, Fog and haze, Insulators.


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