Research on Fuzzy Control Algorithm and Application in Two-wheel Balance Vehicle

Wen-liang DONG, Chao LIU, Ying-feng WANG


Since the emergence of traditional PID controller, traditional PID controller has become the main technology of industrial control because of its simple structure, good stability, reliable operation and convenient adjustment. When the structure and parameters of the controlled object have certain uncertainties and it is impossible to establish an accurate model, it is especially convenient to use PID control technology. A key issue in PID control is the tuning of the PID parameters. However, in practical applications, most industrial processes have problems such as nonlinearity and time-varying parameters in different degrees. Traditional PID control cannot achieve precise control of this. Fuzzy control based on fuzzy mathematics plays an increasingly important role in modern control because it has weak dependence on mathematical models and does not need to establish an accurate mathematical model of the process. Applying the fuzzy control algorithm to the control of the nonlinear model can achieve better results. Therefore, putting the perfect fuzzy control algorithm into a two-wheeled balance car for verification, and compared with the ordinary PID control algorithm, there are the relevant results.


Fuzzy control algorithm, Two-wheel balance car, PD algorithm.


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