Design of Mobile Robot Based on Cartographer SLAM Algorithm

Qing GAO, Hao JIA, Ya LIU, Xin-cheng TIAN


Aiming at some problems existing in the development and industrialization of intelligent autonomous mobile robot, the SLAM mobile robot platform is designed and developed in this paper. Cartographer is used as the SLAM algorithm to realize the mapping and localization of the robot in the unknown environment. What’s more, the new hardware design architecture is proposed, and the bottom control module is designed to be applied to the autonomous mobile robot. On the one hand, the design can reduce the workload of the non-algorithm part of the main control unit and improve the real-time of mapping. On the other hand, it solves the problem of communication clogging and enhances the compatibility of the system. Finally, an autonomous test platform is built to test the mapping and localization functions of the robot. The results of mapping, computational complexity and robustness of Cartographer SLAM and Hector SLAM algorithms are analyzed.


SLAM, Robot localization, Mobile robot, Mapping.


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