Analysis and Optimization of Milling Process for Crankshaft Pin Based on Energy Consumption

Hui-ling LI, Min LUO, Zhi-chu CHEN, Jin-yu XU, Ling-yun LIU


A power acquisition & monitoring platform is set up based on RS485 bus, with all the power data of CKM200 milling machine tool during the crankshaft pin processing is collected and monitored in real time. The crankshaft inner milling process is analyzed from the perspective of energy consumption. Under the premise of not changing the process parameters, the crankshaft inner milling process optimization is carried out, the unnecessary movement is removed or optimized. As a result, the corresponding subsystem consumption is reduced, and the goal of reducing the total energy consumption of CKM200 crankshaft inner milling machine is achieved. It provides a reference for realizing green manufacturing.


Green manufacturing, Cutting process optimization, Analysis of energy consumption of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tool power acquisition & monitoring platform, Inner milling process of crankshaft pin.


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