Research and Implementation of New Energy Vehicle Charging Pile

Jun HAN, Shu-fang ZHANG, Bo HU, Jia YOU


Charging pile is the most important equipment for new energy vehicle power system. According to the demand of new energy vehicle for charging equipment, this paper uses PLC as the core controller to detail the design of AC charging pile control system for new energy vehicles. The hardware circuit includes the design of the main controller module PLC, the touch screen, the power calculation module, the printing module and the like; the software system includes the communication design of the main program design of the PLC, the touch screen, the ic card, etc. Through the communication the modules can be transmit data smoothly, and various data collection in the charging process is completed in real time. The electrical part of the whole system is also provided with double protection for the purpose of safe operation.


PLC controller, New energy vehicle, AC charging pile.


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